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I’ve been a professional designer for nearly 5 years now. I have worked as a full time employee, part time employee and as a freelancer. Among which definitely freelancing would get a five gold star rating. What I feel is freelancing is about getting freedom and exploring our own work. When I first did my first freelancing with a company, is when I felt myself exploring my inner self about what users and clients need and how can my product add value to the organisation.

My first introduction to Toptal was when I came across an article entitled Top UX Books: 10 Essential, Non-Traditional Reads . Which I found really impressive and valuable. Since then I was a frequent reader of Toptal design blog. I have some strong points why I admire Toptal :

  • Its where top 3% are : The place to get the top designers around the globe. It would be a great arena to showcase my skills and enhance my skillset further more.
  • Top Clients: It can be a great experience and challenge for a person to work with the world leaders. We can learn and share knowledge and understanding about the product and move towards common good.
  • Frequent inspirational blogs: This is where I learned about TopTal in the first place. They have really good blog posts written by best designers. Its a great source for inspiration and knowledge. I learn a lot from the blog.
  • Long term work: Toptal is reliable source for long term work. We dont have to waste an entire day just searching for a good project.

With these years of personal growth and development in the field of UI/UX. I feel I am well updated and learning everyday new and modern technologies for us designers to perform well in the job.

Currently, I’ve been involved in crafting user experiences from simple desktop applications to complex web and mobile applications used by thousands of users every day. Most of the applications that I’ve worked on are still in use today, by various companies, organisations and individuals.

UX, well its a discipline focused on designing the end to end experience of a certain product. To design an experience is to plan and act upon the certain set of actions, which should result in a planned change in the behaviour of the target group during the interaction with the product.In order to achieve the desired output is where the study of UX lies in. I accept design finding, research, hypothesis should all be documented so that all the team are aware what we are building, for whose and what are the desired outcomes. What I believe is on a general level a successful UX designers do three main things:

  1. Measure human behaviour and act upon the metrics.
  2. Come up with solutions to well understood problems, basing their ideas on psychological knowledge gathering in research ( solution are visualised as prototypes, wireframes, sketches, illustration, diagram etc.)
  3. Team communication and facilitate design collaboration.

We learn more from our experiences than books. Working with the world leaders shall gain me more knowledge and skills. I’ve just began the interview process at (to become a part of the Toptal freelance UX designers network), and I really like to get in and become one of the freelancers who work there.

Wish me Good luck !!

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